The Electron Microscope Laboratory (EML) is a imaging core facility of University of California at Berkeley. The lab is equipped with high resolution transmission electron microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, high pressure freezer and other sample preparation equipment. The equipment can provide nanometer scale analysis for biology, chemistry and materials science. The EML services are open to the UC Berkeley campus, other academic community and private companies at large.

The EML offers multiple levels of service that correspond with the services and training each user desires:

  • EM project consultation
  • Education and training for new users
  • Equipment for trained users who anticipate having long-term EM projects
  • Full service microscopy

All are available to anyone with an interest in electron microscopy: graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty, staff and non-UC users.

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Saturday 11-18-17 04:10:09 AM

Sep. 15, 2017 : A new 3kx3k Gatan Rio 9 CMOS camera is installed on the Tecnai-12 TEM. Click here for more information regarding the camera. Sep. 7, 2017 Think your EM images are cool and artsy? So do we! Submit your amazing EM images to be shown in the Science@Cal Art Exhibit by September 29. Click here or tweet @ScienceAtCal for more info. Aug. 23, 2017 NOTICE: High Pressure Freezer is added to the Schedule Page. Jun. 16, 2015.NOTICE: S-5000 SEM is available now.
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