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Robert D. Ogg Electron Microscope Lab

Our address
Electron Microscope Lab
26 Giannini Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720

Phone: 510-642-2085
Fax: 510-643-6207

To get directions to our lab, please go to HERE (maps and directions).


Danielle Jorgens is the director of the EML. She earned her PhD from UC Berkeley (2013) in Comparative Biochemistry, where she trained in advanced sample preparation techniques including cryopreservation for cells and tissues. She was a post-doctoral fellow and then a research assistant professor specializing in the ultrastructure of cancer biology at Oregon Health and Science University. Her research interests focus on the ultrastructure of the nucleolus and nucleus in cancer and normal tissues. She is also interested in developing novel methods and applications for volume electron microscopy (Volume EM) and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).
Email: dmjorgens@berkeley.edu

Reena Zalpuri has Masters & Bachelors degrees in Biophysics from Punjab University Chandigarh(India). She had training in transmission electron microscopy while working on her research project. (Adriamycin treated rat myocardium-light & Transmission electron microscopic study) She teaches the TEM course (MCB 481B).
E-mail: jubu@berkeley.edu

Guangwei Min has PhD degrees in Structure Biology from Peking University (China). He had postdoc training in studying the three-dimensional (3D) structure of biological macro-molecules at New York University. He is maintaining the website for the EML and teaches the SEM course (MCB 481C).
E-mail: min@berkeley.edu

For inquiries or questions regarding EML recharges or other billing info, please send email to the following address.
Email: ucbeml@gmail.com


Kent McDonald is the former director of the EML. He has a degree in Botany from UC Berkeley (1972), and post-doctoral training in cell biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His primary research interest is the ultrastructure of the mitotic spindle apparatus. In recent years he has also bee interested in development and application of cryopreservation techniques for high resolution EM and EM immunocytochemistry.
E-mail: klm@berkeley.edu

Nicole Kim is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley working in the EML as an administrative assistant. She is majoring in MCB. You may contact her for general information and questions about billing.

Jennifer Yoo is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley working in the EML as an administrative assistant in 2009-2011. She is majoring in IB.

Michelle Huang  was an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley worked in the EML for billing staff in 2008-2009. She was majoring in MCB.

Caroline Chow was an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley worked in the EML for billing staff. She was majoring in MCB.

Gordon Vrdoljak has a BSc in chemistry and geology from the University of Toronto. He has done a MSc thesis in geology in Toronto on atomic force microscopy of chlorite. His PhD was done at UC Berkeley on the structure of tropical rainforest soils, which heavily utilized electron microscopic techniques. He has strong research interests in soil microbiology. He has a blog of science images at spicnspan.blogspot.com.
E-mail: vrdoljak@berkley.edu

Karen Chow was an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley working in the EML. She is majoring in EECS & MSE. She is graduated now.



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