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    Uranyl acetate and Lead citrate  Staining Protocol

You will need:

		2% Methanolic Uranyl acetate
		Reynolds Lead citrate
		70% Methanol
		50% Methanol
		30% Methanol
		Distilled water


Place grids into one of the tombstone staining dishes.  One grid per slot.
Place the tombstone into the plastic holder.

		U.A.				4 min.
		70% MeOH			rinse 3X
		50% MeOH			rinse 3X
		30% MeOH			rinse 3X
		Distilled water			rinse 3X
		Lead citrate			2 min
		Distilled water			rinse 5X

Blot the tombstone dry with a kimwipe.  Store the grids in a grid box.