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	Making Holey Carbon Grids
	(method worked out by Xiaogang Peng, modified from a procedure in Hyatt)

You will need:
	0.125% Formvar in Ethylene dichloride
	Clean glass slides

Glycerol:Formvar 1:900

1) Put glycerol/formvar in a small wide mouth bottle. (This may be mixed
   and ready to use, check the back of the grid coating station).
2) Sonicate for 5 minutes.
3) Dip a slide as per the regular coating procedure.
4) Let dry.
5) Dip the coated slide in Acetone for 30 seconds.
6) Let dry.
7) Float off, place grids as per the regular coating procedure.
8) Pick up with a clean glass slide.
9) Let dry.
10) Carbon coat - rods may work better than yarn for a nice heavy coat of carbon.

1) Lightly carbon coat a piece of micro or large NaCl crystal.
2) Float off the carbon.
3) Pick up the floating carbon using the slide that has the holey grids on it,
   to ligly carbon coat the holes.