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Image File Storage and Transfer

Within EML
On any of the computers within the EML (Electron Microscope Laboratory), you can directly save/open your EM image files to/from our server machine via samba sharing for PC, or Apple Chooser for Mac. No FTP is necessary. After you save your files to our server, please DO NOT DO FTP again . Otherwise your data will be corrupted.

Outside EML
For transfering EM images outside the EML, we provide three methods:

  • FTP server for image storage and transfer *
  • Pen drives for USB transfer. Please use the computer in office room 26 for USB transfer.
  • CD/DVD burning

* You will need to have an account on our server1 and an FTP program2 to transfer files from EML to your lab computers.

1To obtain account, you must be a registered user of the EML. Please click HERE to request your password for FTP access.

2 FTP (File Transfering Protocal) programs:

  • The easist way is to use MS Internet Explorer or Firefox (on both Mac and PC), and put the following link in the address bar:

    The username and servername can be obtained by click HERE.
  • The drawback of the above method is that you can only download one file at a time. If you want to download a whole directory, using an FTP client software is a better choice. Firezilla FTP client (http://filezilla-project.org/) is a nice free FTP program. It has Windows version, Mac OS X version, as well as Linux version. 
Note: The EML FTP server is only used for transfer EM images for your convenience. Using this server for any other purpose is not allowed without permission.
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