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Instructions for Tousimis Sputter Coater

 1. Open the chamber of the sputter coater

2. Put your samples at the center of the stub holder. Put back the chamber.

3. Check that VENT and LEAK valves are closed. Twist gently clockwise if not.

4. Start the pump by turning the the four position SELECTOR KNOB from OFF to PUMP.

5. Open the main valve on the Argon tank half turn counter clockwise (Gauge should be on the 5).

6. After the pointer in the vacuum meter is between the 10mA and 20mA markers, slowly open the VENT valve to flush the chamber with argon gas.

7. Wait 3-5 seconds, close the VENT valve

8. Wait until the vaccum meter goes back to the 10mA to 20mA range, flush the chamber a second time by opening the VENT valve.

9. Wait 3-5 seconds, close the VENT valve completely, and open slowly the LEAK to make the vaccum meter at 20mA.

10. Start the coating by pressing the WHITE button on top of the chamber, and at the same time, start the timer, which is set to 12s.

11. When time is up, stop the coating by pressing the DARK RED button on top.

12. Turn SELECTOR KNOB from PUMP to OFF to stop the pump.

13. Fully open the VENT valve

14. Once you can open the chamber, close the VENT valve, LEAK valve and the Argon tank.

15. Take out your sample and put back the chamber.

16. Fill in the log book, and double check if the argon tank is closed.


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