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TM-1000 SEM Standard Operating Procedure

1. Start up the Microscope by turning on the Main Switch of the TM-1000 main unit.

2. Press the Exchange Switch to start evacuation.

3. Mounting the sample on a specimen stub using carbon tape.

4. Put the stub on the specimen holder, and make sure the highest point of the sample is lower than the guide bar (the same height as the chamber entrance).

5. Put the sample holder into the specimen chamber, and center the stage by moving the positioning tip to the cross center.

6. While holding the chamber door, press Exchange Switch to start the pump.

7. After the vaccum light shows Ready, click the Start button on computer screen ( start the program "TM-1000" on computer) .

8. Search the field of view by turning X and Y knobs on the machine, or by moving the knobs on the autostage control unit.

9. Use the buttons on the TM-1000 software to do the zooming, contrast, brightness and focusing. Click the SAVE button the save the image. Please save your files into the "emluser" folder on our WILFRED server.

10. After finishing the observation, click the STOP button at the top left corner in the operation window, and the electron beam will be turned off.

11. Wait for one minute by click on the timer at the top right corner of the window, letting the filament to cool down.

12. Press Exchange Switch on the main unit to vent the speciman chamber. This will take 2-3 mins.

13. Open the speciman chamber slowly, and take out the speciman stage.

14. If you are done with all your samples, close the chamber door and press the Exchange Switch to pump the chamber to high vaccum.

15. When the Ready light is on, turn off the Main Switch.

16. Close the TM-1000 program on computer.


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