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Close column valve. Turn on Nitrogen in back room.
-In microscope room, Select Camera - it will ask you for checkmark or x - Click on * if you want to vent the camera - wait until it reaches atm. WEAR NYLON GLOVES FROM THIS POINT! Remove the top shield from the camera (CAUTION: lid is HEAVY; wider end is facing the back of the microscope) - take the box out (the top of the box has unused film; bottom of the box has USED film). Take the box to the developing room. Only open the box under safelight conditions. Unlatch the bottom of the box and retrieve film(s) - take box back to TEM , the box is inserted with the copper metal to the back of the microscope. Put the heavy lid back - Click on Pump Camera. NOTE: You can take pictures only when the vacuum reaches log 50.


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