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Conversion of stereo pair images into red/cyan anaglyphs using photoshop.

This tutorial is based upon the final use of red/cyan glasses with the RED lense placed over the left eye.

1. Start with two images taken at different tilt angles. Typically zero degrees and 1.5-4 degrees tilt (Zero degrees will be referred to as the LEFT image and the tilted image will be referred to as the RIGHT image).

2. Convert the right image to RGB mode from greyscale. This is done by going to the photoshop menu, choosing Image-->Mode-->RGB Color.

3. Now copy the left image into the RED channel of the right image. This is done by selecting all of the image on the left. First select the left image by clicking once on its title bar. Go to the Photoshop menu, choose Select-->All.

4. After doing this, go to the Photoshop menu and choose Edit-->Copy.

5. Next, select the right image by clicking once on its title bar. In the Layers Palette, click on the channels tab and then click once on the red channel to select it.

6. Now choose paste (under the Edit-->Paste menu). Get rid of the selection by choosing from the photoshop menu Select-->Deselect.

7. Then click once on the RGB channel in the layers palette. The image should now be easily viewed in stereo using red/cyan glasses with red placed over the left eye.