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Bal-Tec 010 HPM (High Pressure Freezer) Operating Instructions

CAUTION:  Operation of the high-pressure freezer releases a significant volume of nitrogen gas which can displace enough oxygen from the room to create danger of asphyxiationDo not ever close the door to the room while HPF is in operation.


SHUT DOWN Procedure

  1. Wait for PISTON IN POSITION button to light up.
  2. Press STOP
  3. Close dry nitrogen tank completely.
  4. Close liquid nitrogen tank completely.
  5. Open the hydraulic oil pressure relief value until the oil pressure drops to 0, then close.
    1. The valve is a black knob located inside and toward the middle of the machine
  6. Leave the main switch on overnight to allow the machine time to warm up and evaporate the remaining LN2.
    1. The water circulator will also remain on
  7. NEXT DAY: Turn off main switch yourself or arrange for someone else to switch it off for you.
  8. Sign the log book and record number of shots.


In event of an emergency, the STOP button can be pressed at any time.

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