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Instructions For JEOL 1200 EX TEM


Turn the digital Micrograph on

Log into the computer as emluser.
On the desktop double click on digital micrograph. Wait for the program to load for few minutes.
A message generated asking for Orius camera verification. Say okay.
Watch camera cooler light turns on, amber color which changes to green color when it reaches 10oC.
Now digital camera is ready to use.


Instruction to use the microscope

Turn on the brightness knob on the right upper panel to turn the screen on.

Accelerating voltage is 80
Spot size 3
Mag1--- 1500
Vacuum ready green light on (lower left hand side panel next to HT)


To turn the beam current on.

Press red accelerating voltage button on the lower left panel. This turns the beam current on, wait for 30 seconds for beam current to stabilize 46. Look for the beam current numbers on the upper left panel. Final beam current number at 80 kV is 46.


Putting the grid in the microscope.

Make sure filament is turned off.

Taking specimen holder out from the microscope

Pull out the holder until it stops.  Turn counter clockwise and pull out the rest of the way. Be careful do this slowly without causing any damage to the holder and the microscope.

Bring over the holder to the loading desk and place it on the stand.

Place the grid in the holder (spot closer to Ruby is spot 1.)


Placing the holder back in the microscope.

Align guider pin on the holder to white tape on the specimen stage in the microscope and push in gently until stops.

Red light lights and pumping on the specimen holder starts.

Wait for red light to go off twice (Indicating pre pump is done). Turn the holder clockwise and guide the holder in the scope to stop point.

Wait for two clunks before turning filament on.


Observing sample.

Turn the filament knob on slowly clockwise until it stops (Saturation Point). Filament Knob is on lower left panel next to HT. Screen should light up.


Make sure Mag 1 is pressed (green button on the right panel.) Use two large hand wheels to move your specimen. Get the field of view in the middle of the screen and increase the magnification to 3000X .Adjust the brightness as needed. (Brightness knob on the upper left panel).

Get objective aperture in at Magnification 3000X(Pin left)

Adjust brightness to the center of screen use X and Y shift knobs at magnification 3000x and above.

Note that by pressing the STEP button it changes step size. Bright is course adjustment and dim

fine adjustments.

Focus knob is on the upper right side of the panel. Step size on the focus can be changed same way

like brightness knob.


For taking digital micrograph pictures.

Lift the screen up. Check camera in and hit start view. It will ask you for the magnification.

Make sure intensity is adjusted in the center of the bar (brightness knob) and then start focus.

Get you best focus and then hit record it will ask you one more time for magnification.

Save file by choosing "save display as" or pressing control-G. Make sure you are saving file as tif format.

Save file to the folder of emluser.


Changing specimen.

Stop View, camera unchecked, screen down, lower the magi to 1500X and take out objective aperture out (left is out). Spread beam with brightness knob clockwise. Filament off slowly and follow steps for taking out step specimen holder from the microscope.


As a general rule the specimen holder is kept in the scope when not in use.


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