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May. 10, 2017

New rules for Tecnai-12 TEM signup:

1. The maximum sign-up time on Tecnai-12 TEM for one week is 4 hours. If you need more time on TEM, we have another JOEL TEM available. Also after hours time or early bird time on Tecnai-12 TEM is available for qualified users. Please contact our EML staff for the after hour qualification training.

2. Sign up will only be available for one month ahead.

3. You will be charged for all the time you sign up for, regardless whether you use it all or not during your session.

4. Sign-up for cancelled time. We can start a sign-up list for time that becomes available at short notice. Currently, people need to give 48 hours notice if they are not going to use their scheduled time. We can then call people on the "cancellation list" to see if they would like to take that time. If the top person on the list can't take it we will go to the next, and so on. The person who takes the time will then move to the bottom of the list for future calls.